Brian Ulibarri

This is my portfolio of work I am focusing on mainly portraits, realism and some trash polka work. If you are interested in getting some work done by me, contact me as soon as possible as I am booking new appointments daily.


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         A realism black and grey tattoo of a greaser skull Tattoo by Brian Ulibarri A black and grey realism religious back piece of the battle between good and evil. Tattoo - by Brian Ulibarri A movie themed tattoo sleeve in full color realism of the Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo by Brian Ulibarri A realism black and grey portrait tattoo of Poseidon statue Tattoo by Brian Ulibarri Tupac Black and Grey Portrait by Brian Ulibarri realism, portraits, black and grey, realism tattoos, Beetlejuice Tattoo by Brian Ulibarri color realism, color tattoos, black and grey, realistic tattoos, surrealism, painted portrait Black Sails - Pirate and Skeleton Tattoo by Brian Ulibarri color realism, realistic tattoos, surrealism, painted portrait Owl Tattoo by Brian Ulibarri color realism, realistic tattoos, surrealism, painted portrait 15027781_10154784976944939_4775931971820989710_n 13776022_10154407303169939_6342977908080909110_n 14729204_10154655788464939_5460479184239681608_n 14358879_10154596624134939_8583353531789455136_n 14963337_10154737889289939_420593030526113558_n 15036532_10154758786444939_8546879436217804594_n3233553441 11203249_898477333549290_8307275547521078206_n 11348180_923234004379152_415137454_n 11351976_492246080954951_1518121181_n 11420877_997215523633798_1839669227_n12145256_1154285411266587_1319451567_n alice-addition beetlejuice catapillar church-face deadpool-2 empire-face harley hulk image image1img_3148 img_4544 img_4901 img_9171-1 img_9894 kansas-scene melting-face pigeon-2pug rabbit the-man-of-steel the-steelers-tattoo the-western-back-piece the-wonder-woman trash-polka-cover-up water-turtle

Thank you for looking at my work. Below is everything you will need to know for booking an appointment with me. I do get quite a few inquiries daily but I do my best with getting back to all of you with in a day or two so please be patient.

**For serious inquiries only**


Things you need to know:

I don’t tattoo on Sundays, Mondays so I would need to know what days of the week are good for you during daytime hours usually I start at 11:am.
I  do ask for a $200 deposit to book an appointment this does go towards your first tattoo session. If you are booking multiple sessions you only need to pay this once. Should something come up you can reschedule if I have 48 hours notice and your deposit is still good, if it is less notice than that you can still reschedule but your first deposit will be lost and you will need to pay another deposit. All deposits  are sent to your email from PayPal.  You can pay with any card you don’t need an account.
I only work on designs after you set an appointment and I receive the deposite. I would like to get designs out to people early but with the schedule I keep the only thing I can guarantee is the week of the appointment.
Since I am only at the shop by appointment I don’t do any in person consultations, submission by email is much more organized and efficient for me since it’s impossible for me to remember everything you say during a face to face consultation or to look back on notes 6-9 months down the road.
I do get cancellations so if you contact me for a tattoo I will first look through my cancellation dates which could be very soon so please be prepared for that when contacting me. I do also post open cancellation dates so be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see those, which are first come, first serve.
I stopped taking cover up tattoos so I can have a shorter waiting period for my clients that want new work that closer fits my style of art which is mostly realism and portraits. I love movie themed tattoos!
My rate is $150 an hour *cash only*


What I need from you:

A written description of your idea with any reference pics I might need.
A clear straight on photo of the area you want tattooed with a tape measure next to the area so I know how big to design the tattoo. I do not tattoo any private areas (this means any area where underclothing would have to be removed, backs are fine)
I will need to know your availability for weekday appointments starting at 11:am if you you can only do Saturdays please let me know, your wait time will most likely be longer.
Please be sure to include your cell number in your submission email
I will look at your submission and let you know within a day or two and we’ll go from there 😉
email to:
For those of you who do book an appointment, I know sometimes it can be a long wait for the both of us. I do respect the fact that you have waited to get tattooed by me. I do know things come up that are unexpected for you and for me as well so please let me know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule and I will do the same. No call no shows will not be rescheduled.


A few things to remember for the day of your appointment:

Please be on time but there is no need to be early, I am only at the shop by appointment so I only get to the shop early enough to setup for the tattoo.
It’s perfectly fine to bring a friend or two but if its a busy day we prefer only one friend to accompany you in the tattooing area. Also no animals are permitted to be in the shop do to health code regulations.
Also please eat a good meal before you come in. Your bodies blood sugar goes down when getting tattooed which can cause you to feel jittery and light headed.
I tattoo at:
Old Larimer Street Tattoos
2229 Larimer st.
Denver co, 80205
There is $4 parking across the street from the shop



Inktober 2016

14624802_347376175627238_8941481869950582784_n 14733313_312426485807294_4450834846037573632_n 14723554_1103453559704135_2651883808378322944_n 14565121_1142082002553273_7158211500190990336_n 14553339_1147443455339239_3702242383014920192_n 14309679_1784293498505156_5884628051953713152_n


Prints of ALL artwork is now available by request, prints will be mailed out with in 24 hours during weekdays.

12298903_945939435473443_1366367686_n11 X 14 – $20

5 X 7 – $15

4 X 6 – $10

To place orders email

“Lauryn Hill”

This was a birthday present for my lovely wife who I owe so much to. This is a ball point pen drawing with watercolor on a wood plank.


“Ready to Paint”

This is my second oil painting done for Urban’s Tattoo Studio in Arlington Texas. I’ll be guest spotting there: July 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2016


Self Portrait & Morely Church

This is my very first Oil Painting I did for an art exhibit called “Sinner Saints & Self-Portraits” at CHAC Art Gallery opening July 1st


Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis from the Butch Coolidge character in Pulp Fiction. Aside from him being another story of personal inspiration to me and being awesome; I drew this for my oldest son who is a huge fan of him: 8×10 ballpoint pen on halftone illustration board.


Jim Carrey

Pen Drawing of the great Jim Carrey, he is a family favorite for sure but especially to my daughter who I drew this for. If you haven’t heard him talk about his father and the lesson he had taught him about doing what you love and not what’s practical, it’s very inspiring.


Tim Burton

Another pen drawing with some added colored pencil and paint splashes for some extra style. I am going to do a series of inspirational figures of all media in no particular order Tim Burton definitely fits that category!


Inktober 2015

Inktober is a fun artist challenge to try to do one ink drawing a day for the entire month of October. Easier said then done! I came up a little short but these were my favorites and will be for sale soon…

1739996_627629894043454_1579325365_n 12145107_469801639869136_802864150_n 12145025_1663412297262518_370399141_n 12106102_424370384418314_623921467_n 12142321_1480291362274679_1399306132_n 12093736_948808381832483_1324756630_n 12120267_1674585796087781_120161963_n

Viviendos Sueno Americanos

A mixed media piece with water color, and ballpoint pen.

The first experiment of this particular style and this combination of mixed media. I intended it to be a full water color with a little pen drawing in it but ounce I started with the pen I couldn’t stop I love the high contrast of the black and white…






I am originally from Raton New Mexico and have lived in Denver since 1997. I have always been a traditional media artist, drawing and painting all my life. A ball point pen, acrylic and watercolor is what I’m best at. I like to do portraits and surrealism with lots of detail. I started tattooing in 2006 apprenticing at a local shop where I worked for three years. I am a tattoo artist by appointment only now and I travel for conventions and guest spots as well. I design most everything I tattoo. I am only focusing on a few styles at the moment: realism, trash polka, painterly style, surrealistic, new school, big custom pieces and portraits are my favorite… If your interested in submitting an idea let me know as soon as possible to make an appointment…..